In the heart of the Southwater Community

We are a young, family focused community church, with evangelical Methodist roots, and a whole range of people drawn from a variety of backgrounds. We are growing, and our vision is to grow further still into a community based, family friendly, Spirit led church.

Southwater CommunityWe really want to explore, share, and celebrate the great news of God’s love in Jesus. We aim to serve the people of Southwater to the best of our ability in Jesus’ name, and so wherever possible we try to work in partnership with other Christians in the village. Meeting in the Junior School at 10am each Sunday morning, we aim to be more informal than formal, with music and worship tending towards the contemporary and participative. You will find a warm welcome, whether you are already a Christian or still seeking faith.

We believe that God loves to be a part of every day of our lives so we invest a huge amount of time into working in our community. We believe that God’s dream is of a people living in community, where all things are shared, and where individuals find meaning, healing, and wholeness. We love to come together, to share together, to celebrate together, and to enjoy life together.

We are Not Ashamed to say that the love and the life that we share together is based on the hope that we’ve found in Jesus Christ! It is our belief that God in Jesus loves all people which gives us the motivation to serve within this village in as many ways as we can – just a few examples: our Minister is a Governor at the Junior School, and with the Parish Council and URC, we run the Southwater Youth Project. We run Young at Heart, Little Stars, and Messy Church, as well as doing a whole load of voluntary work in the community. We are up-front about who we are, and why we do what we do, but we would never force our views on anyone, nor would agreeing with us ever be a condition before we would help you!

We meet each Sunday at 10am in the main hall at the Junior School, so don’t expect “traditional” church! We sit on chairs not pews, there are no dusty hymn books just a digital projector and screen, and we use keyboard & guitar for our singing (yes, we still do sing!).

We think we are a friendly lot (!) so we aim to be more informal than formal, and our music tends to be more contemporary than traditional in style. We hope that everyone who comes can understand what’s going on (well, most of the time!). You will find a warm welcome, whether you are already a Christian or someone who is still seeking faith.

Each Sunday our celebration is led either by our own minister Kath Jones, or one of a small group of local preachers, some more experienced than others(we think God gives the gift of talking about Him to many people, not just ordained ministers!)

You can have a coffee in our cafe area when you arrive if you want, and we always finish with refreshments and a chance to chat. We have regular groups who meet for prayer, Bible study, and for friendship, and every month we try and do something together as a church family (seaside outings, picnics, games, walks, pub lunches, swimming, theatre etc).